Aura Cleansing

An aura has been defined as an "energetic signature, the vibratory layer of our being."

It is noted that according to quantum physics, everything; including solid things such as tables, walls, and our bodies are composed of tightly packed atoms vibrating together. So since auras are all about energy, as we go about living our lives, we can pick up energy from other people and the outside world, making us feel off and ungrounded. This is where aura cleansing comes into play, which, as its name suggests, is about cleaning your aura of other energies that are not your own.

The benefits of cleansing your aura can include the ability to attract more of what you want into your life and being more in tune with the world around you. Most importantly, a cleansed aura helps you make better choices because you've removed barriers between your authentic self and the needs, emotions, and wants of others which are not about you.

Please allow 20-30 minutes for this service.

$45.00 Per Cleansing Session



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